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Did I always dream of teaching?  Ummmmmm..... no.  You know those people who change their major five hundred times during their freshman year of college?  Yup... that was me.  I was just too interested in too many things.  Every class I took had me considering that field.  Maybe I do want to be a geologist!  Wait, no!  An artist, that's it!  Strike that.... biology is my passion!  It took my first two years, part of which I spent as an exchange student in England (OMG - I want to study the modern literature as a career), to finally kick my fickle future profession fetish.  What I figured out was - it wasn't that I was in love with every discipline I ran across.  I was in love with learning.  I was head over heels for seeing, hearing, reading, and discovering new information.  I loved hearing experts speak passionately about their experiences and beliefs - loved that they would show me things that I couldn't learn from just reading a book on my own.  Once I figured that out, (and dealt with the internal turmoil of deciding WHAT I wanted to teach - ahhh! #commitmentissues) I finished school with a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in science and, 3 years later, a master's in Bilingual/Multicultural Education.
The world of teaching has definitely been terrific and terrifying ever since!  I student taught in 4th grade and was lucky enough to be hired at the same school as a 3rd grade teacher.  I had a great 5 year run in 3rd grade before looping up with my last group to 4th grade.  After one year of 4th, I had the opportunity to move down to kindergarten at our school.  I NEVER EVER EVER (ever ever).... ever... ever thought I'd teach anything below 3rd!  They were awfully cute little guys, but I didn't think I'd have the patience for the behavior or the curriculum.  Well, as I mentioned... I love learning.... and this was a new opportunity to learn.... so I took the leap.  And.... I LOVED IT!  Now, it was not always pretty my friends (#whopoopedonthefloor #whywouldyouputthatinyourmouth #Ineverknewsomanykidsatetheirboogers), but it was the most fun I'd ever had with a class.  They were adorable, sweet, hilarious, and there was never a dull moment!  The academic growth that they make is amazing and so visible.  I loved every day (well, maybe not EVERY day #whatisthatsmell #didyoutakeyourmeds).  After 3 years in kindergarten, I had the opportunity to do something new again and am making the leap up to 5th grade!  I am sooooooo sad to leave my adorable little kinders, but am excited to go back to the big kids this coming year.
Other than the history of my story as a teacher (because I know you were just DYING to know), I'm pretty boring!  I have 2 dogs (a vizsla and an evil wiener dog) and am currently fostering a mama kitty who had 4 kittens on the front porch! #whowantsakitty? I love drawing, playing piano, watching movies, doing anything crafty, and spending time with friends and family.

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